Ìàãíèòîïëàñòû äëÿ ïðîìûøëåííîñòè  "Âàëòàð"


Ðåøàéòå ñàìè, íóæíû ëè Âàì ìàãíèòîïëàñòû Nd-Fe-B

Åñòü âîïðîñû ïî ìàãíåòèçìó  îòêðîéòå ýíöèêëîïåäèþ

Çàäàéòå âîïðîñ  è Âàì îòâåòÿò

Bonded magnets for the industry.

Bonded magnets these are the polymeric permanent magnets, which are made from the mixture of magnetic powder and polymeric bonding agent.

ValtaR Co., Ltd specializes in the large-scale production of rare-earth bonded magnets from the alloy neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B).

Main distinguishing feature of this class of magnets high degree of accuracy and repetition of sizes and uniformity of magnetic characteristics (2-3%). The combination of these properties with the technological effectiveness of the process of production makes it possible to successfully substitute by bonded magnets Nd-Fe-B isotropic and anisotropic ferrites, and, in a number of cases, the sintered magnets Nd-Fe-B.

Bonded magnets Nd-Fe-B Bonded magnets Nd-Fe-B Bonded magnets Nd-Fe-B

Bonded magnets, which we produce:

ìàðêèðîâàííûé ñïèñîê

multipolar magnetic bushings for the step-by-step motors and different sensors, including of sensors of angle, position and the rotational speed;

ìàðêèðîâàííûé ñïèñîê

disk magnets, the cylindrical magnets of different standard sizes;

ìàðêèðîâàííûé ñïèñîê

prisms, segments and bushings for the motors;

ìàðêèðîâàííûé ñïèñîê

a total of about 60 standard sizes of the serially produced bonded magnets.

Our specialists are ready to develop new magnetic systems with the application of bonded magnets in accordance with the demands of customer, and to also examine a question of the replacement by the bonded magnets of others it is specific magnets in the already produced magnetic systems.

Think, possibly time loss to the destruction of stereotypes and the development of new magnetic system in your case is compensated by reduction of prices and simplification in the construction and by improvement in the magnetic properties.

ValtaR Co., Ltd bonded magnets for the industry.

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Moscow and Korolev, Russia



ValtaR Co., Ltd
was created in 1998 with the group of specialists, who were being professionally by bonded magnets and magnetic systems since the beginning of the 90th of last century. The graduates of the Physics Department of the Moscow State University and Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, that have scientific degrees in the field of study of the magnetic properties of rare-earth alloys, composed the basis of firm.
At present production subdivision is located in Korolev, Moscow region, research laboratories on the territory of Moscow University. Production firm capacities make it possible to produce several million articles made of the bonded magnets of different standard sizes per month.

Customers of firm most important producers of the counters of hot and cold water, gas counters, combinations of instruments and sensors for the auto industry, the collectorless electric motors of different power, miniature step-by-step motors, fans, compressors, computer equipment.

ValtaR is certified along the system of standards ISO 9000 in the part of the design, development and production of magnets and magnetic systems.

ValtaR is an active participant in the Magnetic Society of Russia (MAGO), sponsoring development and support of the Internet site of Society.

ValtaR conducts studies in the development of new educational program for the magnetism, attempting to make this theme of intelligible and accessible for all.

Professionalism, honesty and obligation intransient features of our firm. Collaborate with us and you will be convinced of this themselves.

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